Victor Lewis Design Portfolio


I’m a sophomore student at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University majoring in Engineering to help develop User design software to be published for the internet or for research use. This portfolio is design for my target audience who are interested in my career plan, work experience, and views in visual design. If you’re interested in work experiences involving my career choice, click here, or for my point of view regarding visual design, such as images entailing readings of visual issues in our society, surrealism, my typographic self-portrait and my family hierarchy, click here or visit my Portfolio section tab and Blogs tab. We, as individuals in society, live in a visual world that is constantly developing and advancing over the years. To technology, paintings, and even as human-beings, we are in a steady progress that would change are view point of design in the future.  By majoring in engineering, I would aid and assist this world in which I live in by creating software that can be beneficial to human use for design purpose. If you have any questions regarding my portfolio information, in your convenience, please feel liberated to contact me. In your accommodation and satisfaction, feel free to observe, survey, and view my portfolio, enjoy!